Marketing Outsourcing

Small- and medium-sized companies often have problems with big expenses for their sales and marketing team, so we offer a completely new marketing outsourcing services in Georgia.

Marketing outsourcing services enable companies to produce cheaper measures and actions necessary for increasing sales.

Marketing outsourcing services include:

  • Project management services
  • Internet marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Call center services
  • Management of tenders

Personal Marketer

The main objective of project managers is to plan, organize, and process activities to increase customer sales. In particular:

  1. Organizing campaigns
  2. Promotional activities
  3. Loyalty programs
  4. Finding sales staff, selection and preparation
  5. Organizing sales software deployment
  6. Organizing any other events which aim to increase sales

In addition to this, project managers are using our company’s resources and experience to revise original, creative, and effective sales increasing ideas for client organizations.

Internet Marketing

The mission of internet marketing services is to effectively present in a web space and maximize internet resources for sales growth for the client organization. In particular:

  1. Web site administration and development management
  2. Facebook’s current management and development organization
  3. Spreading information by email
  4. Working with existing promotional sites
  5. Spreading information about the company through various websites

Mobile Marketing Services

The mobile marketing team ensures that the client will use mobile phones as a sales channel effectively. It includes:

  1. SMS mailing system
  2. Spreading information through mobile applications


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